Movie Review: She’s Out of My League

How can a TEN go for a FIVE? This is the nagging question that plagues the romantic chances of the average Kirk when she met super hot Molly.


Jay Baruchel delivers his patented awesome awkwardness in this likable rom-com but it is his co-star Alice Eve that shines. Remember Charlotte York’s well-endowed nanny Erin in the forgettable sequel of Sex and the City? That was Alice Eve. She reminds me so much of Cameron Diaz in the There’s Something about Mary – a gorgeous girl with impressive comedic chops.

Molly (Eve) goes against stereotype. Sure. First impression tells us that she is the blonde possible b*tch of a goddess that will take our poor hero for granted. But no. The girl has guts to visit Kirk’s (Baruchel) house and meet his a-hole relatives. Consider this:

Ron: Come on in for a dip girl.
Molly: Oh no, I don’t even have a bathing suit.
You can wear your underwear. It’s just like a bikini it covers all the good sh*t.
Ron: Yeah underwear is fine.
Marnie: Ron!
Ron: It’s like what they did in the old days.
Underwear would be fine if I were wearing any.

I bet Kirk self-esteem increased ten-fold after that uncomfortable conversation. Additional ten-fold increase when he learned that she studied law.

The movie is quite predictable and suffers from dispensable jokes. But it has a number of risible moments that makes it entertaining. Thanks in part to its lead stars. I’m so glad that Baruchel and Eve has films in the future. The former has three in line while the latter will play Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. This movie will suffice if you just want to have a few laughs over a couple of beers.

So will a TEN go for a FIVE? Yes if TEN provides FIVE some much-needed confidence and if FIVE shows TEN that being less than perfect is not so bad after all.


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