Snack: Terra Exotic Harvest Sea Salt Vegetable Chips

Potatoes are king in the vegetable realm when it comes to chips. This is an unfair treatment of other veggies that deserve a recognition in the world of junk food er snacks. Blame uncreative people who pretty much rely the versatility of the once lowly tuber in inventing the next crispiest, saltiest and not to mention, totally addicting snacks. Fortunately, there are brands like Terra that introduced us to glorious blue potato chips. (“It’s still potato!” I know but it is glorious blue potato chips.) I have been hooked to Terra Blues ever since I popped a bag last year. It’s healthier. It’s tastier. Most of all, it comes in a most fantastic hue - purple not blue. Developing BPA or Blue Potato Addiction resulted in overlooking other Terra products which is a bad bad thing. So last Monday, I forgo the usual and bought the less picked. Terra Exotic Harvest Sea Salt Vegetable Chips is a sibling of the Blues. Now, “vegetables” is the most enticing word out there but the qualifier “exotic” makes a big difference – at least in my case. Going by the accepted definition, exotic means “intriguingly unusual or different; enticingly strange.” But are these chips exotic enough? Like the proverbial pudding, the proof is in the eating. Plus a little bit of researching.

Blue potato “naturally vibrant bluish purple in color, it has a slightly nutty flavor.” Read more here about blue potatoes. Glorious. Blue. Potatoes.

Exotic or Feeling Exotic: Exotic!

Sweet carrot is a “traditional American staple, it provides sweetness with a unique texture.” Most carrots sold in the Philippine market are not sweet. You need dips. Lots of dips to make them sweeter. The ever reliable Wikipedia does not contain a separate article on sweet carrots. But reading its general entry on Bugs’ favorite munch, it is safe to assume that the sweetness of this one is due to its cultivar (cultivated variety of a plant) variation. The popular orange carrot (Yes! There are other colors and I want to meet them.) emerged in the Netherlands. Not surprising since this nation loves the color orange. William I, Prince of Orange led the Dutch revolt against Spain so the color becomes a symbol of their fight for freedom. This root crop is not just a plain root crop.

Exotic or Feeling Exotic: Feeling Exotic.

Kabocha is “popular for its strong yet sweet flavor similar to butternut squash.” Some people think that Japanese pumpkin is an aphrodisiac. No scientific evidence exists that aphrodisiacs are real. The curios thing about a squash is that it is generally believed that this vegetable originated in the Mesoamericas. Portuguese sailors though brought kabocha from Cambodia and introduced it to the Japanese. Cool, right?

Exotic or Feeling Exotic: Exotic!

The big question, does the veggie blending of the blue potatoes, sweet carrots and kabocha taste good? Yes. Blue potatoes still the tastiest. But kabocha surprised me. It looks like a sliced zucchini that starts out strong then melts into the subtlest taste. The sweet carrots though is quite overpowering. Like I need to reach for a couple of blue potatoes after I eat a carrot chip. (The other bad news is that there are more carrot chips than blue potatoes and kabocha in each package. Add more kabocha!) Good thing the sea salt is a good complement. Me and sea salt started on the wrong foot. First tasted it in a local snack product and a mental dislike button just triggered. Terra Exotic Harvest Sea Salt Vegetables healed the distaste.

Next snack: Terra Meditteranean Chips. Oooh.


Note: Terra products are available at Healthy Options branches.

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2 Responses to “Snack: Terra Exotic Harvest Sea Salt Vegetable Chips”

  1. 01/21/2011 at 9:17 pm

    Love reading about anything to do with this topic, interesting post going to link back to it on my blog.

  2. 06/22/2013 at 12:11 am

    It’s hard to find educated people in this particular topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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