Live-Blogging: The NBA Finals 2011 Game 1

7:45AM I woke up and has no intention of parting with the pillows and comforter. Sure sign am excited with the game.

8:00AM Taking a bath. Still thinking a Durant-Rose Finals is better than all this talk about the potential first championship ring for LeBrick. Bron. LeBron.

8:40AM Putting on lipstick. Then spritzing some Harajuku Love.

8:45AM Getting out of the house. Thinks the game is starting but our basketball fanatic (videoke-loving) neighbor still has not turned on the television.

8:50AM Riding jeep shuttle.

8:55AM Taxi! The driver is so calm. I feel so safe. He is just breezing from one shortcut to another. Bad thing though he is listening to THAT radio station.

9:25AM Office building! Driver is so nice. Gave him quite a tip.

9:28AM Damn elevator.

9:30AM Office! Remote please. Opened all our sets.

9:32 AM “Kris Denies Romance with Chiz.” — ANC. Oh. Hell. No.

9:35AM Asked our Rhiza for some pan de sal and hotdog breakfast. Famish.

9:39AM Chris Bosh for a double. He looks more and more like a Velociraptor. 17-18 Heat.

9:40AM Jason Terry another triple! 20-18 Mavs. But Miller (not Reggie) connected from the distance. Three. 21-20 Heat. Back-and-forth game.

9:42AM Barrea so fast! Velociraptor got blocked.

9:43AM Filipino panelists discussing David Hasselhoff. Uhmmm.

9:48AM Barrea. “Mavs lead with 2. Biggest lead.” — TJ Manotoc

9:56AM Chalmers corner three. 30-26 Heat.

9:57AM Gordon Gekko. No. Pat Riley!He looks like him. Review old Knicks game. He STILL looks like Gekko. I remember our for editor who is a huge Pat fan. R.I.P. Sir Ahmed. Sleek back hair and all.

9:58AM Nowitzki missing his shots. Offensive rebound. Shawn Marion got fouled, shooting freebies. 30-29 Heat. In other station: Senate probe on poaching of black corals.

9:59AM Wade for three! Nowitzki drives, fakes, shoots and make it. 33-31 Mavs.

10:03AM Andal Ampatuan, Sr. pleads NOT GUILTY.

10:04AM The German hits his first triple. Mavs regain lead. Then a fading jumper.

10:05AM Kidd gets the ball and am like, “Pass the ball! Do not shoot.” Marion for a slam. See? Pass the ball.

10:07AM Chalmers three again. Good game for Chalmers. Kidd passes to Chandler for a dunk and a foul. See? Pass the ball.

10:08AM Velociraptor fakes and gets fouled. Makes freebies. Terry misses. Offensive rebound. Back to Terry for three. Chalmers responded with his own. 44-43 Mavs.

10:10AM Checking game-related Twitter Trend: Dirk Noringski and SMH Miami.

10:11AM End of first half. 44-43 Dallas Mavericks.

KEY STAT: Three-point shooting. Offensive rebounding.


10:20AM One pan de sal. Bite-size hotdogs.

10:27AM Checking some logos of the Finals. Found a poster of The Big Three emblazoned with a Mavs logo with this, “Yes. We. Did. Get beat by the Dallas Mavericks.” *grinning* Cuban! I need some pomp and circumstance when the games shift to Dallas.


10:31AM Second half starts.

10:33AM 51-43 Mavs. Biggest lead. Spoelstra calls for time.

10:35AM Reading “Kris Says No to Relationship with Chiz Escudero?” Blogger is OBVIOUSLY NOT A KRIS FAN. “Bibe J” and “Juice”. Go. Click the link.

10:37AM Wade back-to-back drive. Had James not entered the picture, I should be cheering for Heat because of Wade.

10:38AM “Kidd is the oldest point guard in the Finals.” — Gonzales. I have a rookie card of Kidd. Goodness.

10:39AM Nice passing. Nowitzki to Marion. Quick basket.

10:40AM Women rocks. Live-blogging. Reviewing social media accounts. Checking four e-mail accounts. Eating breakfast. Suffering from dysmenorrhea. Women rocks.

10:41AM LeBron scores. 53-51 Mavs.

10:42AM Marion misses a dunk but gets a rebound and forces third foul of Velociraptor. Makes freebies. 55-51 Mavs.

10:44AM Wade scores again. He is hot. Velociraptor blocks Marion. Swats ball outside. Mavs regain possession. Marion with a jumper. Silences Velocirpator.

10:45AM Barea misses a drive. I feel the pain. No one should hurt Barea.

10:47AM I thought Kidd will shoot. He passed. Pass the ball.

10:49AM Peja releases an unguarded triple and there is a trail of collective groaning from the Heat crowd. He misses. Received applause. You have to love basketball!

10:53AM Tied ball game!

10:54AM LeBron turns the ball over leading to a fastbreak. Oldest point guard leading the break.

10:55AM “There’s nothing like a great big three to energize the crowd.” — Gonzales. Bron makes it and gives lead to Heat.

10:56AM Karl Malone Sketchers Shape-up commercials. You got no ring and is endorsing Sketchers?!

10:57AM Juwan Howard enters the game. SEVENTEEN-YEAR VETERAN?! I have his rookie card. Kind of a basketball card hustler back in grade school. Ask the former classmates.

10:59AM Tough buzzer-beating three from Bron. I am so objective. 65-61 Heat. Mavs call for time.

11:02AM Gloria Estefan! Still gorgeous.

11:05AM Miller for three. 68-63 Heat.

11:07AM Velociraptor got blocked.

11:08AM Nowitzki uses left for a basket. 68-66 Mavs.

11:09AM Velcoripator turns the ball. Bosh fans will kill me. But he does looks like one. There is a Facebook page called “Chris Bosh is a Velociraptor.” Then “Chris Bosh is a Scrubby Velociraptor-Turtle Hybrid.”

11:14AM Stevenson corner three. 72-69 Heat.

11:16AM Haslem scores. 74-69 Heat. If Heat wins, Haslem and Miller should take the credit.

11:20AM “Kanina nang time-out, ang tinutugtog dito sa Triple A – American Airlines Arena – Takin’ Care of Business…” — Gonzales. A song from a child sex-soliciting has-been.

11:21AM Mavs usual game is missing. 75-69 Heat.

11:24AM Andal Ampatuan, Sr. pleads NOT GUILTY. Senate threatens to arrest black coral consignee. Department of Transportation and Communication Chief Ping De Jesus resigns. Congress tackling Divorce Bill. BUSY DAY. Best thing: Gabriela Representative Luz Ilagan Twitter replied me! I am a fan.

11:27AM Ooops. One of the nuns in our school just posted a pro-life video. Reason I cannot put that purple Twibbon on.

11:28AM Wade scores! 77-70 Heat.

11:30AM “Erik Dampier. Nakakalimutan nilang nasa Heat.” — Webb.

Dear Mr. Webb: I also have a rookie card of Dampier. Stop making me feel old. I also have a rookie card of A.C. Green. There. I confess.

11:31AM Block from Wade. Then makes a three. Aaargh. I hate Bron. I cannot support the Chicago-native because of YOU.

11:33AM So a local station is now showing blockbuster movies from Thailand? I like it. Glad Thailand’s film industry is rolling because it was once declared dead before. I still have hope for our movies.

11:35AM Bron completes a three-point play. Nowitzki answers back. 85-77 Heat.

11:36AM Twilight Zone as game enters the last minutes.

11:37AM Nowitzki gets fouled. In other news: German Moreno slams death reports.” WALANG PATAYAN!

11:40AM Right. Mike Bibby. I used to love him when he was in Sacramento. Him going up against O’ Neal’s Lakers is classic. The man is full of heart but his teammates are coasters. Kings fans are hard-core. I used to summer vacation there. Almost met the Michael Jordan in the airport. But I did chance upon Kemp in Seattle airport.

11:41AM Gah! Kidd shoots and bricks it. Pass the ball!

11:42AM Velociraptor gives Heat biggest lead with ten. Heat crowd throwing white towels.

11:43AM Nowitzki misses. Chandler misses put-back. Wade-James connection for a highlight.

11:44AM Tim Cone is right. Heat has to take the Nowitzki and Barrea out of the game.

11:45AM “Rebounds. 46 for Miami. 35 for Dallas.” — Gonzales. There goes the game.

11:48AM Doris Burke looks like a cougar librarian.



KEY STAT: Three point shooting and offensive rebounding.

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