Live-Blogging: The NBA Finals 2011 Game 2

9:15AM As I slip on the last three bangles, I am reminded of the nagging idea that the greatest basketball league is colluding to give LeBron James his first ring. Total embarrassment will envelope the National Basketball Association if a Kevin Durant or a Derrick Rose hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy before James. An immediate changing of the guard before one of its vaunted superstar reach the ultimate prize is just unacceptable.

9:20AM A lime green Cherry car makes a slow right turn from the parking light and as I had a strange feeling it will stop in front of me. It did. Professor Abraham of the UP Diliman College of Arts and Letters (and Kontra-Gapi fame), once again offered me a free ride. LUCKY START. As I closed the car door and settled in the passenger seat, he introduced himself. “Pangalawang beses ko na pong nakasakay dito.” I replied quite meekly. (Downright lie. This is the 3rd time. And no. It is not a conscious effort. I just happened to be a the right place and at the right time.) I was about to thank him again when he said, “Alam mo ba sa Buddhist teaching…’di ba may mga monks? Itong mga monks na ito, pumupunta sila sa bahay-bahay may dalang lalagyan ng bigas. Hindi limos dahil iyong mga nagbigay pa ang magpapasalamat. ‘Thank you for giving me a chance to do his act of charity.’ Parang ganun din ako. Nang sumakay ka, nagpapasalamat akong binigyan mo ako ng chance na makagawa ng mabuti.” Some people are deep and kind. Thank you Sir!

9:29AM “Napapailing ka Jason. Bakit?” — Gonzales. Jason replied something like, Spoelstara called  a time out and the Heat cannot make the play. Funnier if he just retorted, “Naaalala ko lang ng hindi namin matalo ang UST Growling Tigers noon.”

9:30AM Barea streaking. Barea rebounding. Barea scratching Miller. Barea!

9:40AM Starting computer office up. Cue in Rolling Stones, “Start Me Up.” “If you start it up/Kick on the starter give it all you got, you got, you got.”

9:45AM Dangerous cross-court passes resulting to turnovers. Nowitzki. Stop it!

9:56AM Chicago-native is on fire!

9:58AM Velociraptor seems quiet.

9:59AM James makes a jumper with a foul.

10:00AM Good pass Kidd. 49-42 Mavs.

10:01AM Brick shot from Kidd. Come on. Pass the ball!

10:02AM Three fouls on James. Heat steals ball. Wade misses drive. I do not think it is a foul. Quick pass on the other side. Dunk. Biggest lead of Mavs at 51-42. Three minutes to go in the second quarter. 

10:03AM Lamborghini ad in the Philippines?! Oh. Just Globe Tattoo Lamborghini edition. The hell.

10:07AM Watching a Velociraptor make freebies. Aaack! Aaack! (The best Velociraptor onomatopoeia I can think of. Sounds like a panicking Cathy. Comic strips Cathy.)

10:08AM On the Mavericks: “Grabe ang pasahan. Sumobra lang.” — Manotoc. Go TJ! 51-46 Mavs.

10:11AM Checking Facebook livestream. First thing I see, “China Fired at Filipino Fishermen in China Atoll.” Friend commenting, “Release the Kraken!” Hahaha! Smells like a diplomatic protest. If I were the fishermen, i-English-in ko na lang sila hanggang mag-nosebleed.

10:12AM Wade for three! People talkin’ about Kobe or Bron as the next Michael Jordan? Do not forget this man. Even Jordan thinks so.

10:13AM Cannot get closer than this. Tied at 51. Damn.

KEY STAT: Heat defense causing Mavericks to turn the ball over.


10:18AM Bureau of Customs Chief Lito Alvarez announcing that his department has filed smuggling charges against consignees  and shippers of the black corals and other endangered species. So…he keeps his position?

10:20AM Tenorio endorsing Gatorade. His voice seems bigger than him. The clutch guard is one of the FEW Blue Eagles I like. (I need to emphasize the adjective.) The other one is Fonacier. Magnum Membrere. Injuries cut his potential career.

10:29AM “Na-ospital ang dalawang taga-Pangasinan nang kumain ng botchang bangus…” — newsflash (Er…) “Sa Batangas, hindi masusunod agad ang utos ni Sec. Robredo na baklasin agad ang mga fishpens…” — newsflash (Toinks!)

10:33AM Khloe Kardashian just Tweeted that “‘Because I said So’ is on. I so love this movie.” Your taste in movies and men are both bad.


10:36AM Behind-the-back reverse dunk for Wade. Mavs turn-over. Fastbreak for James. 57-52 Heat.

10:39AM Promotion overload for the soap of Robin Padilla and Bea Alonzo.

10:40AM Marion scores. Ends drought. 57-54 Heat.

10:41AM Struggling Velociraptor. Nowitzki scores on the other end. One-point game.

10:42AM Rampaging Wade. Wade-ing through. 59-56 Heat.

10:43AM Chandler taking care of business in rebounding end.

10:44AM Rare travelling infraction from Kidd.

10:45AM Velociraptor got blocked.

10:46AM The hell! James elbowed Nowitzki and refs called a technical on the Heat coach?! James missed the freebies. Boo effin’ hoo. I hate him.

10:47AMMTRCB Calls for Mandatory Trust Fund for Child Stars” — Manila Bulletin. Call this the Nino Mulach Approach. New television rating code to be unveiled next month.

10:49AMFr. Bernas Finds Contraception = Abortion Statement by Anti-RH Bill Advocates, Hilarious” — spot.ph FINALLY SOME SENSE.

10:50AM Bibby is alive! (Dr. Frankenstein voice: He’s alive! He’s alive!) Hits second three for a 59-51 lead.

10:54AM Someone posted a casual conversation video of the Boss. Needs to see it first. Nice! The range of topics is amazing. Rapid-fire questions and rapid-fire replies.

10:57AM Celebrities in the game: Steve Nash, David Stern and Gordon Gekko.

11:00AM Wondering if major grocery stores are selling Brewer’s Pocket Perks. Coffee-flavored candies. Addicted to it. Bought a pack in a convenient store.

11:04AM Officemate gave me a Prince William and Kate Middleton postcard. The Duke and Duchess Cambridge is smiling in the desk cork-board.

11:10AM Ooops. Have not been checking the game. A game of runs. Mavs makes their run closes on the Heat. Heat retaliates for a 59-53 lead.

11:16AM James called for travelling. 81-73 Heat. Eight minutes to go in the final quarter.

11:17AM Velociraptor for a put-back slam. Turn-overs piling up for the Mavericks.

11:19AM Wade taking over! LeBron James who? Cleveland fans are right. Their former basketball savior will become a sidekick.

11: 23AM Powerbooks has a comicbook sale! (It’s Mall of Asia branch will be having a clearance sale this weekend. Bookworms, rejoice!) Speaking of comics, I FINALLY read Gerry Alanguilan’s Elmer last night. One of the best reads!

11:25AM Going to the last six minutes, Heat leads 88-77. Spoelstra calls for time. Mavs cuts lead from a high of 15.

11:30AM Single-digit lead for the Heat.

11:32AM Kidd for three! Rare.

11:33AM 3 minutes to go and the lead is down to 4, courtesy of Jason Terry basket.

11:34AM “The only drawback to watching Game 2 in the cool confines of my bed: I can now name all 109 teleseryes of ABS-CBN. Backwards.” — Francis Ochoa via Twitter. Hahaha!

11:35AM “Kung kelan tumanda si J. Kidd, kelan sya nagka shooting! Hehe good 3! Down the wire!” — Mark Andaya via Twitter (Yes. The tall local baller.)

11:36AM After a Spoelstra time-out, Heat turned the ball over resulting to Nowitzki jumper. Single possession separating both teams.

11:37AM Twilight zone. Bron bricks a shot. Wade keeps possession. The hell is shooting three?!

11:38AM Nowitzki delivers in a 3-on-1 fastbreak. TIED BALLGAME.

11:39AM Game-related Twitter trending topic: F*ck Miami.

11:40AM NOWITZKI FOR THREE! Mavs lead.

11:41AM Mavs coach looks a bit like certain comedian.

11:42AM Oooh. CHALMERS THREE! That is nice set-up. Good call Spoelstra.

11:44AM No more time-outs. 24.5 seconds to go.

11:45AM Nowitzki hits. Wade misses three. MAVS WIN! German  Assassin finished them off.

11:46AM Tied series. Mavs steal home-court advantage. Shifting to Dallas. Cuban, as I said last time, I need POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE.


TIED 1-1

KEY STAT: Heat coasted after posting a big lead and Mavs just killed them in the final minutes. Nowitzki resurrected and good screens from his teammates.

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