Lunch: Chuck’s Grub Fish and Chips’ The Full Monty

Food courts are unappealing spots to some people who consider malls as a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the metro. Stop. Malls as a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the metro does not sound right. That is possible IF YOU KNOW WHAT MALL AND WHICH PART OF IT. I also included the qualifier some people and am part of that marginal group. Not all food courts, however, are fall under the boisterous, overcrowded, sullied pigeonhole. Some still maintains a certain respect for its food and customers. Back then, when I still frequent Gateway in Cubao, I would spend a considerable amount of time in its circular food court. Clean tables, good lighting, Wi-Fi connection and the all-important comfortable chairs add up to an inviting place for research and respite. The food choices are also good so no side is losing. But now that I am “living” in Trinoma (“spending time” does not do justice) half of the time, its food court has steadily my respect. It is not as aesthetically appealing as the one in Gateway, but it still served its purpose. And one thing other mall food courts lack is Chuck’s Grub Fish and Chips. I love fish and chips.  A couple of weeks ago, I just came from a relaxing pedicure and was about disappear in a café to finish a book, when a small signage stopped me dead on the tracks. “Chuck’s Grub Fish and Chips: The Best of British.” It took me a week more before I tried out Chuck’s Grub (the book and the café drove a hard bargain) but the seasoned fries and beer-battered fish is such a treat.

There are four kinds of fishes offered: dory, cobbler, snapper and halibut and each possesses specific appeal to charm our taste buds. Since there is no identifier included which fish is which (and it does look stupid eating labelled chunks of fish), I am just going to summarize: some of the fishes are flaky, some are full-bodied, some have distinct fish tastes, and some will appeal even to non-fish eaters. If you are picky fish eater, a simple and concise description of each fish is posted in the small store. Tucked in an unassuming corner of the Food Choices of Trinoma, Chuck’s Grub is manned by two (sometimes three) personnel. One does the unenviable task of deep-frying fishes and the other does the taking of orders and weighing of fries. Be patient as an order might take fifteen minutes order to complete because of the simultaneous number of orders during lunch time. Be patient because the grub is all good.

Prices for DORY AND CHIPS is Php130 (regular: 2 pieces); Php200 (grub up: 4 pieces) and Php260 (large it: 6 pieces). Prices for COBBLER AND CHIPS is Php150 (regular: 2 pieces); Php220 (grub up: 4 pieces) and Php300 (large it: 6 pieces). Prices for SNAPPER AND CHIPS is Php170 (regular: 2 pieces); Php250 (grub up: 4 pieces) and Php350 (large it: 6 pieces). Prices for HALIBUT AND CHIPS is Php250 (regular: 2 pieces); Php350 (grub up: 4 pieces) and Php480 (large it: 6 pieces). For an extra piece, a DORY and COBBLER costs Php50; a SNAPPER costs Php70 and a HALIBUT costs Php80. If one desires all kinds of fish in one order then go FULL MONTY for Php280. Choices of sauces include vinegar, garlic mayo, and tartare; each additional charges ten pesos. (I suggest a couple of additional sauces for the Grub Up and Large It meals.) There is also a line-up of Nibbles including Shrimp Popcorn (Php150); Calamares (Php150) and Just Chips (Php50 though I do not find much sense ordering just chips in a fish and chips store). Do not be fearful of the prices because a four-piece fish meal is ALREADY QUITE HANDFUL. Remember: there are still chips aside from the fish.

Speaking of chips, I am not sure if I mistook it for another food establishment but it seemed to me there is a change of chips the last time I checked out Chuck’s Grub. The first time I tried it out, the chips are stubbier and taste natural but the last time out, it is leaner and tastes more machine-cut. Of course I prefer the natural, stubbier ones compared to the leaner, machine-cut fries. This is still classified under the unless-I-am-mistaken-folder so no need to panic. One more thing: please provide us half lemons and not the one-fourth sizes per order. Please. Please. Please. Lemon squirts plus the generous dashes of salt and pepper makes each Chuck’s Grub meals better so a bigger size lemon will not hurt the experience.




  1. Power Plant Mall: Rustan’s Supermarket
  2. Trinoma: Level 2, Food Choices

FACEBOOK PAGEhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Chucks-Grub-Fish-Chips/207652545955059?ref=ts

TWITTER: @chucksgrub

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