Thoughts on a Comic Book: Skyworld Volume 2

  1. In the first volume, I singled out the inclusion of Pigafetta because of my fascination with history. Well, there’s a lot more in store for a history buff like me in the second one. We’re not talking about supporting characters but major players in Philippine history. Think big. No. Think of the biggest names in history. When I saw him and his pregnant wife, I knew where it was heading. Rianka will not let this delicious opportunity pass. The seamless blending of fact and fiction is so delightful as Skyworld draped recorded data with luxurious fantasy: (1) the reason the dulce estranghera lost her child and (2) the other reason the supreme leader encouraged his idol to join his cause. If you felt lost, then go brush up on your on Philippine History 101. A nation ignorant of its past deserves a bleak future.
  2. Apart from real heroes, there is another popular character included in this epic mix. Clue: he should be the first one that comes to mind when one hears the phrase, “sa gitna ng dalawang nag-uumpugang bato.” However, unlike the usual pop culture depiction of this character as a strong, handsome and virile man (as in the case of Cesar Ramirez and more recently, Matthew Mendoza in an Anne Curtis-headlined fantaserye), he looks more like an ent of the Lord of the Rings lore. For additional measure of pop culture reference, one part reminded me of a certain summer blockbuster hit. Mocking her opponent, Rianka dared, “Why don’t the four of you take on my champion instead?” The champion of course is the popular character. Her dare sounds like, “We have the Hulk.” Maybe am stretching this a bit but one cannot escape The Avengers. To be fair, Skyworld came first before the hit film. 
  3. There is so many good things about Skyworld, foremost of which is the incredible narration and the fantastic art. And though I still think there should be one-on-one match between Rianka and Maguayen, I could not ask for a a more satisfying conclusion.
  4. He died. One of the characters died. He is also part of another popular comic series. Do not fret for the author has a message to all his freaked-out fans. Aaaaah! She cut his head off. She. Cut. His. Head. Off.
  5. One thing bothering most Filipino readers is the lack of fabulous fantasy fiction novels. We need our fantasy fiction fix. And our reading diet consists mainly of the fabulous works of Arnold Arre, Budjette Tan, Gerry Alanguilan and other incredible comic book artists. The question is: WHEN WILL THE GOVERNMENT BESTOW A NATIONAL ARTIST RECOGNITION TO ANY OF OUR LEGENDARY KOMIKS WRITER? No offense meant  to our esteemed national artists but unless you go by the initials FPJ – am sure majority of Filipinos know little or none of your artistic contribution. Ten to fifteen years from now, the Millennial Generation will remember the fearsome Andong Agimat, the inquisitive Elmer, the rockin’ Trese  and the gallant Makabo. If the powers-that-be continue ignoring our comic book artists we will continue asking why its creators are not hailed as national artists. Tragic indeed. 
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