Movie Review: Magic Mike

Last night, I spent a couple of hours objectifying men during a screening of Magic Mike. Not only is it entertaining, but it is also quite empowering to a certain degree. A group of men hawking their oiled bodies to women seem like a step in  the right direction. Nothing defines gender equality than tequila-soaked females inserting dollar bills inside sweaty male crotches. Perhaps by now, you can detect hints of sarcasm in the previous sentences and I did drop a couple or more, but as a matter of fact, Magic Mike is entertaining despite minuses on developing characters and fleshing out significant elements of narration. 

Since its understandable attraction is a bunch of delicious men, I will go straight ahead to the more boring details. Most of the supporting characters were underdeveloped, characterization-wise not anatomical, except for Channing Tatum (Mike), Alex Pettyfer (Kid) and Matthew McConaughey (Dallas). Matt Bomer as Ken just smiled throughout the film, well almost. It’s as if, Ken is nothing more than a beautiful face in the stripping business just like his more popular doll namesake. Then there is Adam Rodriguez as Tito, who spent most of his time talking about something behind the bar. Fellow television star Joe Manganiello, aptly named Big Dick Richie, had a similar fate as Bomer. (I wrote, “aptly named Big Dick Richie,” because of a jaw-dropping silhouette scene. Ohmagahd!) But Kevin Nash as the silent Tarzan is just freakin’ awesome. He does not give a f**k if he cannot dance for his life. Nineties kids will remember him as a pro-wrestler, once serving as a guard of The Heartbreak Kid. I cannot make a good of judgment of these characters because all of them ended up as screen fillers. The female lead star did not fare better though Olivia Munn can still scorch the big screen despite limited time. Deleted topless scene, notwithstanding.

The other boring but important topic needed to be pointed out is the half-baked discussion of elements such as (1) the difficulties Mike encountered as he tries to get a bank loan (2) the relationships of Mike and (3) the overnight success of Kid. I like the idea of a societal institution like banks forestalling the dreams of a male stripper to change career because it is a classic David-versus-Goliath narrative. This does not mean I need to see Mike winning over the banks since it is just impossible in real life. Just more scenes of Mike pursuing his dreams of opening a furniture shop. Same goes for his relationships with Munn and the lead female character.  Munn in particular, is an interesting character. There is a sweet love story underneath the glistening, gyrating bodies but it is only towards the end when one starts to feel for the characters’ relationships.  Speaking of interesting, there is so much to going for the Kid character but for some reason, he just ended up as the spoiled overnight success.  So most of the time, I anticipated the appearance McConaughey as the egoistic strip club proprietor Dallas. Never has this movie star been exciting.  He just stole all the scenes he was in, whether he is emceeing the program, hugging his dancers or dancing his ass off on the floor. Goodness gracious that butt.

Goodness gracious indeed.

The most important parts of Magic Mike are the rear ends and love muscles. Oiled to perfection, these parts kept the film afloat and indulging. Audience giggles aside, their stripping performances are not that shocking but rather fun and entertaining. Tatum in particular demonstrated his strip club-honed talents in a couple of floor presentations. Based on female audience reaction, Filipinas are not squeamish about male thongs, leather clothing articles and fake humping scenes. Au contraire, most of us are lusting for more as long as the men in thongs and leathers  look like these stars. Read the qualifier: as long as the men in thongs and leathers look like these stars.  Hah. Life is unfair for the rest of men. Go check Magic Mike and start OBJECTIFYING MEN.


MOVIE TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMU7s6cwxEM

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