Movie Review: I Do Bidoo Bidoo

Don Jaucian stirred musical hornet’s nest because of his article The Life and Death of OPM. Some Filipino musicians posted their reactions on popular micro-blogging site Twitter: some are tolerating ["Entrada, we have met. I hope you see signs of life, I am sure you meant no harm." (Armi Millare)] and others not so much [ "Psst   editors, you might want to control the crap your paper churns out; you wouldn't wanna let everyone know your writers are stupid, right? (Miggy Cruz)]. Dead is not the correct term to describe the local music scene because  there are still a number of earnest Filipino musicians dishing out spectacular original music.  I prefer ailing state (no thanks to the uncontrollable production of revival albums). I Do Bidoo Bidoo celebrates the music of one of the true icons of OPM – The Apo Hiking Society. The Studio 5-Unitel film collaboration is great reminder of our incredible  Filipino musical heritage.

Young couple Rock (Sam Concepcion) and Tracy (Tippy Dos Santos) are preparing for their wedding after he got her pregnant. The preparation revealed simmering insecurities from both parties stemming from parental opposition and social class differences. But there is nothing good music cannot settle.

TV5 top honcho Manuel Pangilinan declared I Do Bidoo Bidoo better than Mamma Mia. “That was an enjoyable movie last night. Better than Mamma Mia! This will be a big hit, deservedly. Doobie doobie doo!” True. It is indeed an enjoyable movie. I also hope it becomes a huge hit but better than Mamma Mia? Hold it right there. I love the cheesiness of Mamma Mia. There. Out in the open. I Do Bidoo Bidoo is a fun film but am not going to see it for a second time or mark calendars for its disc release.

But the film is one of the better recent local film releases.

  1. Santos and Concepcion performed quite well. Their singing parts more impressive than their non-singing ones.
  2. Neil Coleta is a surprise. (I am not going to disclose his role.) I used to think of him as just another iced tea ad talent but turns out there is more to him as a performer.
  3. Eugene Domingo is fantastic as usual. She is so believable as the stressed-out mother of Rock. It is hard to sing alongside OPM superstars but Domingo is made of incredible stuff.
  4. Ditto for Ogie.
  5. As the rich parents of Santos, Gary Valenciano and Zsa Zsa Padilla had some difficulties with their characters. Not that the veteran thespians are not capable enough. It is just their roles are not as well-written compared to that of Eugene and Ogie’s characters. (It is easier to appreciate the relationship of Eugene-Ogie.)
  6. Did the younger set of audience understand the terms burgis and chedeng? (Sa pagkain, siya’y pihikan/’Di lang burger machine/Ang sundo niya sa eskwela/Laging naka-chedeng/Ganyan ang syota ko/Class na class ang kanyang trip)
  7. Never mind the cheesiness. The level of cheesiness is acceptable.

I Do Bidoo Bidoo is not the best nor the funniest but it is full of fun and one of the better-made films out there. The people behind it put a lot of effort in mounting this beautiful production. It is both refreshing and reassuring to see an effort-filled project in a local cinema landscape full of  the usual drivel. That I found the non-song-and-dance parts not as interesting is not a problem but an affirmation of the greatness of local music. A great man once said music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. Still remains true.

Keep on making films Chris Martinez.


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