Movie Review: Pridyider

Some people are born to pull-off the haunted refrigerator trick and some people are forbidden to recreate the ridiculous concept. Celebrated filmmaker Ishmael Bernal did it before in the original Shake Rattle and Roll. The movie could have been a disaster in the hands of mediocre directors but not so under the supervision of a national artist. Granted it is not one of his best, the memorable murderous kitchen appliance rests atop the pantheon of local horror films. It remains open to question but I consider it the all-time best episode of the iconic horror series. So I find it offensive to see a dreadful re-imagination of a classic. I need to confirm if there is at least one reasonable person who stood up and opposed the idea of creating this horrid mess. There has to be one or else the aliens should cease all operations of their Earth-intelligence research. The film suffers from a terrible plot, an assortment of forgettable characters, substandard special effects, and a most bizarre resolution.

  1. Horror films are often criticized for the ensemble of stupid characters making questionable decisions during critical moments. Lead character Tina is one such character. I understand her desire to seek truth behind the murders in her house but must she live there?! The house exterior screams total creep-fest but this fact is not enough for her to just rent an apartment or condo. The other characters do not fare either in terms of street-smart quotient. Most of them prefer sneaking up or make alarming entrances instead of taking the normal route of knocking on the door and making proper self-introduction. Scare flicks tend to approach the absurd scale closer than other genre but sensible characters need not be discarded.
  2. Janice De Belen is undergoing a career renaissance both in the big and small screen. She remains one of the more captivating and interesting local actors. If not for the ludicrousness of her character, she is the one flitting spot in this cinematic clutter. Her sinister stares are enough to inform the audience something is not right in her head. I guess the reason she is part of the cast (and the same reason she took the role) is an homage to her memorable turn in the original material. No one does demon-possessed refrigerator sexual harassment victim than Janice.
  3. In one of the earlier scenes, a cabbie reacted negatively to a radio report about the Brillante Mendoza film Kinatay. I do hope this is just some sort of a foreshadowing technique on the part of the filmmaker and not an out-and-out criticism because it does merit a series of face-palm if otherwise.
  4. Oh, JM. Please choose a better film projects next time. Your undeniable screen presence should not appear in movie clunkers.
  5. So as one of the minor characters devoured a plate of macaroni, some of the pasta turned into animal innards – I see, going the grossed-out horror route. Still not successful. If  one tries the crude stuff then go insane and add crass slurping sounds.
  6. But if the grossed-out scenes do not pan out then special effects should do the trick. Still not the case because it includes: a dismembered hand with fangs and intestine-like thingies sprouting from the ref. The lone reason I can think off  the intestine-like things could work is if it engages the lead female character into a horrible tentacle sex.
  7. I once listened to a podcast discussing the reasons people like horror films. One of the explanation put forth is that it provides people a demonstration of the actions and reactions of humans in case it happens in real life. Seems legit. If that is the case then please find another film if refrigerators start acting strange.
  8. The filmmakers  should offer the public an explanation for creating this mess. People must be held responsible for their incompetence at all times.
  9. Spoiler: to eradicate a hell portal underneath a refrigerator use a banal na bomba. That should stop people from checking this film out.


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4 Responses to “Movie Review: Pridyider”

  1. 1 MC
    09/21/2012 at 12:34 pm

    Funny that you mentioned the cab driver. I think he’s also the cab driver in The Animals? I was thinking Andi would get raped because of that…

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