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DVD Review: Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA Champions

Father has been calling since last month checking if a commemorative video of the 2011 season of the National Basketball Association is out in the market. He makes all these calls just to make sure I get one for him. Insane. I guess he is just reminding me since am no fan of the Dallas Mavericks. Not that I hate Dirk or Cuban but I just lost real interest for the game after Michael Jordan retired. Papa remained a fan. He has videos of past champs including the Spurs, the Pistons, the Celtics and the Lakers. But I remained a true Jordan disciple for I never tried to touch his collection. So it felt strange shelling a couple of pesos for Dirk and his first championship ring. Felt stranger watching it a couple of nights ago. Felt strangest to feature it as the first DVD review post of this blog. The attraction lays in the unadulterated fact that Kobe and Lebron got b*tchslapped in the last season. To see a puckered Black Mamba sitting like a pissed-off diva on the bench is precious. To relieve the horrible three-point attempts and chickening-out passes to Mario Chalmers of Bron is pure personal entertainment. This post is a bit different as invited three reviewers and cannot be more different from one another.

ME: Id. Ego. Superego. Good afternoon.

EGO: Good afternoon. I like this frappucino but must you spend this much for a coffee?

SUPEREGO: I agree. These cafes are not serving coffee but caloric time bombs disguised as melted candies. Apologies for the strong language.

ID: The hell…let her spend her hard-earned cash. Sup Boss.

ME: Thanks Id. You all got the memo this is going to be a review so f*ck moralizing.

SUPEREGO: Goodness gracious! Do not use foul language in public places.

EGO: I got it. I got. No need to drop f-bombs. Start rolling.

ME: Good. Over-all impression. Is this worth it?

EGO: If you’re a Mavericks freak…

SUPEREGO: That and the unfolding drama of the league’s perennial heartbreak kids finally reaching the top is quite special.

ID: Notice all the Jason Terry interview clips? Man. It is C-R-E-E-P-Y. He is looking straight in the camera like he is going to taunt the Miami Heat at one point. I bet this is going to be a nightmare for LeBrick.

SUPEREGO: Stop the hate.

ID: I mean LeRingless

ME (snickers): Cut it out. How does this compare with previous official Finals DVD?

EGO: Can only compare it to the Bulls because never even took a peek on the others.

ME: Right. Go ahead.

EGO: You do have an issue against the narrator.

ME: Yes! I miss the previous narrators. Seems Ahmad Rashad does not have gravitas going for him. Just does not sound authoritative. I mean he knows a lot about the game and has been a league fixture but the strength of narrators lies in their voices. There is a special and OBVIOUS reason Morgan Freeman narrates ANYTHING.

SUPEREGO: I agree but time might help him.

ID: Denzel Washington did some narration them. The coolest!

SUPEREGO: Gorgeous Denzel. Amen.

EGO: Best dunks video?

ME: Yes. In terms of distribution of topics.

SUPEREGO: Nice of them to include a brief history of the team. Never knew they we’re play-offs material back then.

ID: Rolando Blackman

ME: Right. Nice piece of information there. Blackman is a Mavericks original. One of the most underrated of all-time.

EGO: Regular season is just OK but the play-offs part is a bit inadequate.

SUPEREGO: Too tame.

ID: Super E requiring some bad-as*ness. Spill it: the Lakers scuffle is not included.

EGO: You like that one because Ron Artest is all id.

ID: Hold it there Ms. Balanced and Normal. I confess I lack proper judgement but to place me in the same planet as Artest is irresponsible. I am all id but he is pure mental.

SUPEREGO (laughs): Nice one.

ME: Think so too. Look at those Bulls documentaries. Some of the best highlights there are the heated match-ups against the Knicks. Same against the Pistons. Underlines the progress of the Bulls.

ID: Progress? More like the rest of the Bulls other than Jordan FINALLY DEVELOPING A PAIR.

EGO (laughs): True that. Dirk and the rest of the team defeated the defending champs because of their methodical offense and defense but the implosion of the Lakers also contributed to their demise. Dumping it in the cutting floor just does not present a balance opinion of the series.

SUPEREGO: Plus it is fun.

ME: You are stealing lines from Id.

ID: Super E is just realizing the perks of an Id.

EGO: The filmmakers got it right for the Oklahoma Thunders series. Put a lot of attention to Kevin Durant as an emerging superstar. He and Derrick Rose made quite a splash last season. Looks like the Bulls are back.

ME: I miss the old Bulls. I like Rose but he needs a proper big man. Noah is energetic and all but is not enough to provide strength in the middle. Had it been Durant and Rose in the Finals?

ID: Epic. Like a middle finger to the old-timers and the man from the Indecision.

SUPEREGO: You hate him so much.

ID: Because he has EVERYTHING going for him. Let us see: 1) athleticism 2) size and 3) skills. EVERYTHING EXCEPT DESIRE! Moving to Heat doomed him. He is just going to be a sidekick because his superstar friend has killer instincts. Boss here adores him because he reminds him of the old Jordan.

ME: That is right. He has the Jordan thing going for him.

EGO: Not Kobe?

ME: Do not mention his name in the same thought as Jordan.


ME: He looks like a pterodactyl.

ID: So true.

ME: Notice the coughing fits scandal did not also make the cut?

EGO: So much gold in the trash bin.

SUPEREGO: Conscious cover-up of the childish antics of the Heat superstars?

ID: Could be.

ME: Summing it up: 1) there is much to be desired in the general documentation 2) the narrator is uninspiring and 3) it is a bit too tame. Feedback on the bonus features?

SUPEREGO: I like the Jason Kidd part. Sort of a tribute to a long-time superstar finally hoisting a championship trophy though it is really all about his terrific court vision. Clip of Kidd going up against Yao Ming in an inbound situation AND delivering an alley-oop pass is astounding.

EGO: Should he do a Cariaso?

ME: You mean retire as a champion?

EGO: Yes.

ID: Some basketball career. Grandslammer as a rookie then retired as a champion. Cariaso is not a superstar but a consistent and superb baller. He is one inspiring captain. No offense meant to Patrimonio.

SUPEREGO: Id is not meaning to offend?

ID: Do not use such tone Prude One.

ME: Cut it out. The other bonus features include one touching off-court activity of Jason Terry.

EGO: He and his daughter Jasonia…

ID: Naming his daughter Jasonia speaks so much about him.

ME: Shut up. Let Ego speak.

EGO: He and his daughter Jasonia spends quality time during game practices. His daughter is part of her grade school basketball team while Jason coaches the girls. Turns out Terry is a terrific father despite his on-court arrogance.

ID: Terrific Terry. No doubt Noli Eala will call him as such if he is still a game commentator.

ME: Remember his idea of calling Ali Peek as the Ice Peek because he has cool moves in the paint?

SUPEREGO (laughs): Do not forget his brilliant proposal…

ID: …of meriting three points for successful dunks. Damn.

EGO: This brings into question: does the patented step back jumper of Dirk merits three-points in Planet Eala.

ME (laughs): You three are FUNNY. There is also bonus feature on that and includes reactions from his usual defenders.

ID: Persuading other people to comment on his remarkable shot must be hard.

EGO: Like asking Hatton to comment on the punching skills of Pacquiao.

SUPEREGO: Or the Ultimate Jordan bonus feature Greatest Jordan Moments.

ME: Yes! Cliff Robinson response hit the jackpot. “I do not think I have a favorite Jordan moment.” Number 23 tormented him for SIX three-points shot in a single half. You think he has a FAVORITE Jordan moment?!

EGO: Who comes up with these stupid interview questions?

ID: Idiots.

SUPEREGO: Bonus feature Dirk the Gunslinger?

ID: Fail.

ME: Why?

ID: Because Dirk is a hulking German and does not fit the bill of a gunslinger even if he is playing for Dallas. More like an assassin. The German Assassin sounds better.

EGO: Right. Last feature is on the improbable last quarter comeback in Game 2 of the Finals.

SUPEREGO: Boss fell asleep.

ME: Yeah. The excitement is lost because it should have included the lead build-up of the Heat to add a better context. The fall makes sense if the rise is included. To end this discussion: 3 best highlights and alphabetical rating.

EGO: 1) series against the Heat 2) Jason Kidd feature and 3) Rick Carisle as a Celtics champion then as a triumphant coach. Rating: B-

SUPEREGO: 1) brief history of the team 2) regular season run and 3) Jason Terry as a father. Rating: B.

ID: 1) an extended clip of Deshawn Stevenson swagger walk 2) enthusiastic and underarm-perspiring cheering moments of Mark Cuban and 3) an old clip of Nowitzki in a Titanic haircut and Nash in a pre-solo career Justin Timberlake do. Rating: B-

ME: There it is. I also go for a B-.

Note: The 2011 Finals Official DVD is available in all leading record stores and sells for Php550.

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Live-Blogging: The NBA Finals 2011 Game 6

9:39AM WIN OR DIE. Dallas Mavericks leads with seven after a Shawn Marrion put-back.

9:45AM FINALLY brought the Starbucks tumbler I have been meaning to use in the office.

9:49AM LeBron James commits an offensive against – of all people – JJ Barea. The hell is he thinking?!

9:51AM Dirk Nowitzki makes a three-point basket gives Mavs a 6-point lead in the third chapter of the all-important Game 6. 72-56.

9:52AM James gets the ball but loses the ball in the fast break. Mavs last touch. Wade DOING all his best to give his team a fighting chance. He seems to be losing his temper after getting called an offense against Brian Cardinal. Keep it cool. Lazy Butt James is having another personal meltdown.

9:57AM Gloria Estafan rooting for Miami. Let us hear it from the original Miami Sound Machine! Gloria Estefan>Jennifer Lopez.

9:58AM Udonis Haslem sinks both freebies cuts lead to 5.

10:00AM Black coral probe in the Senate. Haslem rebound results to another offensive put-back. Jason Terry answers back with a high-looping drive. Looking for Tyson Chandler. He’s sitting in the bench after committing 4 fouls.

10:01AM Juwan Howard fouls Marion. Freebies. 76-71, Mavs.

10:03AM 58% foul-throw shooting for the Heat. Jason Kidd punishes them with a 3 on the other end. Score stands at 79-71 for the Mavs. James misses first but makes second freebie. Awful shooting.

10:05AM Twitter Trending: Dear Dirk. Sample: “Dear Dirk, with all these bricks, you could start working on a house for someone.” FUNNY.

10:09AM Erik Spoelstra emphasizing MENTAL STABILITY. Hoping James is listening. Haslem gets fouled. 81-73, Mavs.

10:11AM Wade making things happen. Drives strong gets fouled but misses a freebie. Cursed or something? 81-75, Mavs.

10:12AM Mario Chalmers fishes a foul on Nowtzki. Shooting freebies. SLOWLY CLIMBING. Doing it despite a mental fart from James.

10:13AM Wade is DOING EVERYTHING. But Barea SILENCES THE CROWD. Then gets the rebound on the end of the court. Terry steals the ball. Haslem fouls him.

10:19AM Stopping. Popping. TERRY SCORES. Double-digit lead. Heat turns the ball over.

10:20AM James MISSES EVERYTHING. Did not hit even the back iron. Mavs side: Barea whizzes past the defense for another basket.

10:25AM If James misses that offensive put-back, the Heat should sell his contract for a discount after the series.

10:26AM Nowitzki scores. Wade gets stripped. Velociraptor recovers the ball and scores plus a foul. Chalmers steals the ball. Forces a basket. Chandler blocks him. Mavs ball.


10:34AM The hell is Chalmers thinking? Nowitzki scores.

10:35AM James did not fought for the loose ball. Michael Jordan is LAUGHING SOMEWHERE. “He is supposed to inherit MY MANTLE?!”


10:37AM “LeBron is terrible!” — Joseph Yeo


10:40AM James bricks a three. Some fans are leaving the arena. The bloggers WILL BE HAVING A FIELD DAY.

10:41AM Dear Dirk: Congratulations!

10:42AM 18.8 seconds to go before LEBRON JAMES CRY.

10:43AM Chalmers hits a three after a Spoelstra time-out. Heat putting up some press. TOO LATE. TOO FREAKIN’ LATE.

10:44AM There it goes. MAVS ARE THE CHAMPS!

10:50AM David Stern presenting the Larry O’ Brien and the Bill Russell MVP. Dirk deserves it even of he bricked a lot of shots tonight. Rick Carlisle Oh. Mark Cuban requested the Stern to dedicate the their first championship to Mavs first owner. CLASSY.

10:52AM “This team has so much heart. So much dedication.” — Mark Cuban

10:53AM “I have an announcement: our owner is now available for interviews.” — Rick Carlisle. THEORY: Successful coaches has a CELEBRITY LOOK-ALIKE. Phil Jackson = Jerry Garcia. Pat Riley = Gordon Gekko. Rick Carisle = Jim Carrey.

10:54AM Dirk wins it.

10:56AM “I just can’t believe the journey.” — Jason Kidd. Congratulations. Your career did not Malone.


  • “Congrats Dallas!” — Maria Menounos
  • “Y’all gonna let me have it. Bring it. See @KingJames and @dwadeofficial this what happens when I believe. Still proud of y’all.” — Marlon Wayans
  • “Congratulations Dallas Mavericks.” — Donna Brazile
  • “Not your fault Spoelstra. LeBron just can’t do it.” — Boyet Sison
  • “The Decision is history. Let the Derision begin.” — Andy Borowitz
  • “Dallas! Kidd gets his first chip. Hell. Yes.” — Ali Peek
  • “Shunga mo, LeBron. Umuwi ka na!” — IC Mendoza
  • “Oh well. I’m happy for Jason Kidd. The Kidd is now a man.” — Paolo Valenciano
  • “Dirk, Kidd, Terry and Barea just showed everyone the kind of heart you need to have to win a championship. Congratulations, Dallas. 105-95.” — Chesca Litton
  • “Iiyak na si Dirk.” — Gabe Mercado
  • “Can I say that again? NO RING FOR THE KING. Mission accomplished. Thank you Mavericks.” — The Professional Heckler
  • “Dirk. Damn. So much respect for him now.” — Nic Belasco
  • “Congrats to my wife and her favorite, the Mavs.” — Ogie Alcasid
  • “People be sippin’ on that haterade. Don’t hate the player. Hate the team that didn’t win.” — Demi Lovato
  • “Congrats to the Dallas Mavs! They played with Inigo Montoya perseverance. Dirk has a kind energy. I LOVE RAISIN OATMEAL COOKIES!” — Josh Groban
  • “What an awesome NBA season. Didn’t expect the outcome to be like this. But that’s why I love the game.” — Brian Viloria
  • “Miami Cold.” — Matt Besser
  • “Still proud of you, Coach Spo! Heat will be back. Hopefully, wiser, stronger and tougher.” — Noli Eala
  • “Congrats to the World Champion Dallas Mavericks!” — Kenny Smith
Let us end this amazing basketball season with this video.
Jason Segel: “There is no way that LeBron will ever be Jordan. Call me when LeBron has six championships.”
Kid: “That’s YOUR ONLY argument?”



Post-script:  “In the movie theater, I put my phone on LeBron mode so it wouldn’t RING.” — YouTube user

…and a FUNNY blog post from The New York Times.


The Top 10 Things I Learned from 2-Day Sickness

Had to be a bumblebee. I had quite an encounter with insects this past weeks. Insect A bit the left leg and had it swelling for a week. Insect B then bit the right leg – just as the other one is healing – and had it swelling for less than a week. Since misfortune comes in threes, a third one bit the right arm. It started out like a small innocuous insect bit just near the elbow. Not minding it, I notice quite lat that it is getting bigger. Last Tuesday, I felt I was about to have a fever, so I left the office at around 6 o’clock and went straight home to rest. I woke up feeling feverish with a recurring pain in the right arm. Remembering the insect bite, I checked it up, “Uh-oh. I had this one before. Must be a bee. Bumblebee.” 1st bumblebee bite: still in grade school and our pollen-loving friend just smacked his solid frame to MY FACE. 2nd bumblebee bite: 2009, woke up with an insect bite in the left cheek. Saw a bumblebee whizzing past me. Cheek swelled to grotesque proportion. Yes. No one gets immune from bites but it made me think, “Me and bumblebees. The hell is that all about?” Feverish and bogged down because of a painful and immovable right arm. I called off work and nursed myself at home. Surviving 48 boring hours is manageable as  long as there is a phone signal, working television and several unread books. PAIN IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE FROM NOT LEARNING SOMETHING NEW.


Deep. In one episode of Criminal Minds, the criminal in question is a white, working class, middle-age man turned serial road killer. In reality, he is an emasculated and tragic figure who cannot move one after his youngest daughter got killed in an accident. In his fantasy, he is the Road Warrior – a deranged SUV-riding, gun-totting madman. With that in mind, I reminded myself  that James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are just IMAGINARY LOVERS. It is not true EVEN if it feels real.


Too much plastic. Too much Scotch tape.


Time to dust these books again. June has the power to do so. June 12 and 19.


Information from Food Paradise. Burger from their stores is ALWAYS BETTER than their microwavable products. The first and last time I had a Castle burger was in high school. Still craving for it.


Bill Simmons has launched a sports-pop culture site! Speaking of…


…in his first article, Simmons dissected the recent meltdown of King James during Game 4 of the on-going Finals. He said that the second meltdown (His first is against the Celtics in 2010.) of the basketball star has turned into an annual spring event. Simmons points out that a) the Decision made him a bigger but polarizing star b) he is not the “most important dude in his team” c) he shies from the clutch and d) Michael Jordan never had this kind of  moment in his career.


I still feel so sad.


…as the mental patient mother of the series’ resident geek. Our girl Jane deserves more roles because she CAN DO ANYTHING.


Watched her latest David Letterman interview. Described the latest bunch of potential Republican presidential candidates as sort of her Dickensian moment: “It is the best of times. It is the freakin’ best of times!” On Newt Gingrich: “He’s the gift.” On Tim Pawlenty: “Who?” On Rick Santorum: “You have to Google him.” Smart. Hilarious. Cool.


Since the right arm (more of the elbow) is swollen. I had to switch using the left in: tinkering with the phone, pounding the remote control, holding a book, opening the fridge, opening and closing the bottles. I got the hang of it so quickly that I had to pat my back…using the left uninjured arm. 


Live-Blogging: The NBA Finals 2011 Game 5

9:25AM Clicked on the remote. Boom. Dallas leads Miami.

9:30AM Been out of the social media circuit because of a freakin’ insect bite so am not much into the game. Concern is more directed to the aching arm. Ouch.

9:40AM Putting on final facial touches, Wade goes to the locker room. Is he hurt? No. Please no. He is in full Michael Jordan mode these past games and it will be unfair for basketball fans to see him out of the Finals.

10:20AM Oooh. Vice Ganda has some cool-looking poses in the latest Preview magazine. Does not subscribe to this rag but thinks of getting one just to see the photos.

10:25AM End of first half. Dallas leads. Did not see the score but the arena is rockin’ so I surmise Cuban’s camp is in the driver seat.

10:30AM BREAKING NEWS: “Palabas na ng bansa ang bagyong si Dodong. Magkakaroon pa rin ng kalat-kalat ng pag-ulan sa Metro Manila at Luzon.” — ABS-CBN.

10:34AM “In terms of aggressiveness, siguro papasa siya. Pero sa outside shot, 0 out 4 si LeBron James.” — Manotoc

10:35AM Mark Miller starts things off in the second half with a game-tying three. 60-60.

10:36AM Shawn Marion with a go-ahead basket. 62-60, Mavs. Barea! 65-60.

10:37AM Miller is hot. Another three. 65-63, Mavs.

10:38AM Tyson Chandler taps ball for another offensive charge. Love his energy. On the other end, James posts-up(!) Dirk Nowitzki. Scores.

10:39AM Mavs score. Then James misses a drive.

10:40AM Velociraptor commits an offensive foul. 67-65, Mavs.

10:41AM Dallas needs to make their run NOW while Wade is out. There goes a BOOMING THREE from Nowitzki. 70-65, Mavs. (The German heard me.)

10:42AM Barea for three! 73-67, Mavs.

10:43AM Jason Webb is so generous to describe LeBron James’ game as ABOVE AVERAGE. His last three games are MEDIOCRE. So much for TAKING MY TALENTS TO SOUTH BEACH.

10:46AM Hell. Yeah. Barea. 75-69, Mavs.

10:47AM I have to give it to Velociraptor. He is more important in his team than James. Bron, a dinosaur is kicking your as*.

10:48AM Barea for the offensive rebound. The hell. Best Barea game so far.

10:50AM Another three from – surprise surprise – Jason Kidd. 78-71, Mavs. Heat turns the ball  over. Then quick dunk for Chandler. Spoelstra calls time. 80-71, Mavs.

10:53AM Checking news articles about the Boss. Missed doing this.

10:54AM “13 turn-overs leading to 21 points.” — Webb on Miami’s errors.

10:55AM Brian Cardinal is giving Rick Carlisle QUALITY MINUTES.

10:56AM Juwan Howard scoring inside. Howard scores and Bron is doing what?! And Wade is still doing all he can and MAKING SHOTS despite a painful lower back.

10:57AM Cardinal greets the floor again. Fouls James. Then he gets into a shouting match with Howard.

10:59AM Cardinal FORCES James to turn the ball over. 84-77, Mavs. Someone measure Cardinal and Chandler’s combined joules.

11:00AM Oh. Did I mention Nowitzki is NOT PLAYING during their run?

11:02AM Kidd ends the third chapter stripping James of the possession. MELTDOWN. MELT-DOWN. M-E-L-T-D-O-W-N.

11:08AM “Naloka naman ako sa blog na binabasa ko. Nakaka-distract ang kanyang mga personal photos. Ineng, dapat nag-Flickr ka. Hindi blog.” Barea SPINS. DRIVES. SCORES. END ONE.

11:09AM Ha. James turns the ball over.

11:11AM Nowitzki sinks both freebies. 90-83, Mavs. Heat scores. Cut leads to 5. Wade blocks Nowitzki then gets fouled on the other end. Gosh. Is James watching his friend PLAY LIKE A MAN?

11:13AM I like this ad of Summit bottled water. Haven’t tasted Chowking’s Chinese-style Chicken but my roommates said it ain’t that good. But the fastfood chain is REALLY marketing this one. Filipinos are one of the biggest chicken consumer in the world. Trivia: goat meat is the most consumed meat in the world.

11:17AM Killer THREE from Barea. Gives his team a five point lead. James then bricked a three.

11:18AM If James is TRYING to be a sidekick then at least aspire to be a GOOD one. You are killing me.

11:19AM Wade scores in a 2-on-2 fastbreak. 93-90, Mavs.

11:20AM Nowitzki shooting freebies. Sinks both. 95-90, Mavs. Spoelstra calls time. Harold Camping is on  a roll.

11:24AM Single point separation. Heat leads.

11:25AM “Isa pa. Inasawa na ni LeBron si Jason Terry.” — Manotoc. (Manotoc!)

11:26AM FINALLY SAW Pepsi’s ad, “Sa Akin ang ‘Pinas.” Damn. I miss B-movies. I miss local action flicks. Robert Gan Ledesma MAGPARAMDAM KA NAMAN!

11:28AM Smurfs!

11:29AM Wade is resurrecting his team.

11:30AM “Nowitzki. Seducing Chris Bosh.” — Gonzales (Boom!). Sulit na sulit ang tatlong ito if the Finals go the full route.

11:31AM Crucial turn-over from Nowitzki. 3:52 to go. 99-97, Heat.


11:34AM James bricks a three then Nowitzki slams one home. Back to Dallas. Then James commits an offensive foul.

11:35AM Kidd silences Heat. THREE! Bron bricked a three before that.

11:39AM Chandler blocks Wade. Bron drives(!) passes to Velociraptor. Gets fouled.

11:40AM “Hindi. Makaka-tres pa iyan.” — Dennis Macinas (Heat fan). Then Jason Terry hits a three. Ouch.

11:41AM James drives and scores. FINALLY he ditched taking three’s.

11:43AM Desperation Time.

11:44AM Wade misses a contested three. See? Heat still favors him than the other one. Terry makes both freebies, 112-103, Mavs.

11:45AM Wade should punch James in the face.

FINAL SCORE: 112-103


KEY STAT: Three-point shooting. Better shot selection. Forcing Heat to commit more errors.  LeBrick.


Live-Blogging: The NBA Finals 2011 Game 2

9:15AM As I slip on the last three bangles, I am reminded of the nagging idea that the greatest basketball league is colluding to give LeBron James his first ring. Total embarrassment will envelope the National Basketball Association if a Kevin Durant or a Derrick Rose hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy before James. An immediate changing of the guard before one of its vaunted superstar reach the ultimate prize is just unacceptable.

9:20AM A lime green Cherry car makes a slow right turn from the parking light and as I had a strange feeling it will stop in front of me. It did. Professor Abraham of the UP Diliman College of Arts and Letters (and Kontra-Gapi fame), once again offered me a free ride. LUCKY START. As I closed the car door and settled in the passenger seat, he introduced himself. “Pangalawang beses ko na pong nakasakay dito.” I replied quite meekly. (Downright lie. This is the 3rd time. And no. It is not a conscious effort. I just happened to be a the right place and at the right time.) I was about to thank him again when he said, “Alam mo ba sa Buddhist teaching…’di ba may mga monks? Itong mga monks na ito, pumupunta sila sa bahay-bahay may dalang lalagyan ng bigas. Hindi limos dahil iyong mga nagbigay pa ang magpapasalamat. ‘Thank you for giving me a chance to do his act of charity.’ Parang ganun din ako. Nang sumakay ka, nagpapasalamat akong binigyan mo ako ng chance na makagawa ng mabuti.” Some people are deep and kind. Thank you Sir!

9:29AM “Napapailing ka Jason. Bakit?” — Gonzales. Jason replied something like, Spoelstara called  a time out and the Heat cannot make the play. Funnier if he just retorted, “Naaalala ko lang ng hindi namin matalo ang UST Growling Tigers noon.”

9:30AM Barea streaking. Barea rebounding. Barea scratching Miller. Barea!

9:40AM Starting computer office up. Cue in Rolling Stones, “Start Me Up.” “If you start it up/Kick on the starter give it all you got, you got, you got.”

9:45AM Dangerous cross-court passes resulting to turnovers. Nowitzki. Stop it!

9:56AM Chicago-native is on fire!

9:58AM Velociraptor seems quiet.

9:59AM James makes a jumper with a foul.

10:00AM Good pass Kidd. 49-42 Mavs.

10:01AM Brick shot from Kidd. Come on. Pass the ball!

10:02AM Three fouls on James. Heat steals ball. Wade misses drive. I do not think it is a foul. Quick pass on the other side. Dunk. Biggest lead of Mavs at 51-42. Three minutes to go in the second quarter. 

10:03AM Lamborghini ad in the Philippines?! Oh. Just Globe Tattoo Lamborghini edition. The hell.

10:07AM Watching a Velociraptor make freebies. Aaack! Aaack! (The best Velociraptor onomatopoeia I can think of. Sounds like a panicking Cathy. Comic strips Cathy.)

10:08AM On the Mavericks: “Grabe ang pasahan. Sumobra lang.” — Manotoc. Go TJ! 51-46 Mavs.

10:11AM Checking Facebook livestream. First thing I see, “China Fired at Filipino Fishermen in China Atoll.” Friend commenting, “Release the Kraken!” Hahaha! Smells like a diplomatic protest. If I were the fishermen, i-English-in ko na lang sila hanggang mag-nosebleed.

10:12AM Wade for three! People talkin’ about Kobe or Bron as the next Michael Jordan? Do not forget this man. Even Jordan thinks so.

10:13AM Cannot get closer than this. Tied at 51. Damn.

KEY STAT: Heat defense causing Mavericks to turn the ball over.


10:18AM Bureau of Customs Chief Lito Alvarez announcing that his department has filed smuggling charges against consignees  and shippers of the black corals and other endangered species. So…he keeps his position?

10:20AM Tenorio endorsing Gatorade. His voice seems bigger than him. The clutch guard is one of the FEW Blue Eagles I like. (I need to emphasize the adjective.) The other one is Fonacier. Magnum Membrere. Injuries cut his potential career.

10:29AM “Na-ospital ang dalawang taga-Pangasinan nang kumain ng botchang bangus…” — newsflash (Er…) “Sa Batangas, hindi masusunod agad ang utos ni Sec. Robredo na baklasin agad ang mga fishpens…” — newsflash (Toinks!)

10:33AM Khloe Kardashian just Tweeted that “‘Because I said So’ is on. I so love this movie.” Your taste in movies and men are both bad.


10:36AM Behind-the-back reverse dunk for Wade. Mavs turn-over. Fastbreak for James. 57-52 Heat.

10:39AM Promotion overload for the soap of Robin Padilla and Bea Alonzo.

10:40AM Marion scores. Ends drought. 57-54 Heat.

10:41AM Struggling Velociraptor. Nowitzki scores on the other end. One-point game.

10:42AM Rampaging Wade. Wade-ing through. 59-56 Heat.

10:43AM Chandler taking care of business in rebounding end.

10:44AM Rare travelling infraction from Kidd.

10:45AM Velociraptor got blocked.

10:46AM The hell! James elbowed Nowitzki and refs called a technical on the Heat coach?! James missed the freebies. Boo effin’ hoo. I hate him.

10:47AMMTRCB Calls for Mandatory Trust Fund for Child Stars” — Manila Bulletin. Call this the Nino Mulach Approach. New television rating code to be unveiled next month.

10:49AMFr. Bernas Finds Contraception = Abortion Statement by Anti-RH Bill Advocates, Hilarious” — FINALLY SOME SENSE.

10:50AM Bibby is alive! (Dr. Frankenstein voice: He’s alive! He’s alive!) Hits second three for a 59-51 lead.

10:54AM Someone posted a casual conversation video of the Boss. Needs to see it first. Nice! The range of topics is amazing. Rapid-fire questions and rapid-fire replies.

10:57AM Celebrities in the game: Steve Nash, David Stern and Gordon Gekko.

11:00AM Wondering if major grocery stores are selling Brewer’s Pocket Perks. Coffee-flavored candies. Addicted to it. Bought a pack in a convenient store.

11:04AM Officemate gave me a Prince William and Kate Middleton postcard. The Duke and Duchess Cambridge is smiling in the desk cork-board.

11:10AM Ooops. Have not been checking the game. A game of runs. Mavs makes their run closes on the Heat. Heat retaliates for a 59-53 lead.

11:16AM James called for travelling. 81-73 Heat. Eight minutes to go in the final quarter.

11:17AM Velociraptor for a put-back slam. Turn-overs piling up for the Mavericks.

11:19AM Wade taking over! LeBron James who? Cleveland fans are right. Their former basketball savior will become a sidekick.

11: 23AM Powerbooks has a comicbook sale! (It’s Mall of Asia branch will be having a clearance sale this weekend. Bookworms, rejoice!) Speaking of comics, I FINALLY read Gerry Alanguilan’s Elmer last night. One of the best reads!

11:25AM Going to the last six minutes, Heat leads 88-77. Spoelstra calls for time. Mavs cuts lead from a high of 15.

11:30AM Single-digit lead for the Heat.

11:32AM Kidd for three! Rare.

11:33AM 3 minutes to go and the lead is down to 4, courtesy of Jason Terry basket.

11:34AM “The only drawback to watching Game 2 in the cool confines of my bed: I can now name all 109 teleseryes of ABS-CBN. Backwards.” — Francis Ochoa via Twitter. Hahaha!

11:35AM “Kung kelan tumanda si J. Kidd, kelan sya nagka shooting! Hehe good 3! Down the wire!” — Mark Andaya via Twitter (Yes. The tall local baller.)

11:36AM After a Spoelstra time-out, Heat turned the ball over resulting to Nowitzki jumper. Single possession separating both teams.

11:37AM Twilight zone. Bron bricks a shot. Wade keeps possession. The hell is shooting three?!

11:38AM Nowitzki delivers in a 3-on-1 fastbreak. TIED BALLGAME.

11:39AM Game-related Twitter trending topic: F*ck Miami.

11:40AM NOWITZKI FOR THREE! Mavs lead.

11:41AM Mavs coach looks a bit like certain comedian.

11:42AM Oooh. CHALMERS THREE! That is nice set-up. Good call Spoelstra.

11:44AM No more time-outs. 24.5 seconds to go.

11:45AM Nowitzki hits. Wade misses three. MAVS WIN! German  Assassin finished them off.

11:46AM Tied series. Mavs steal home-court advantage. Shifting to Dallas. Cuban, as I said last time, I need POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE.


TIED 1-1

KEY STAT: Heat coasted after posting a big lead and Mavs just killed them in the final minutes. Nowitzki resurrected and good screens from his teammates.


Live-Blogging: The NBA Finals 2011 Game 1

7:45AM I woke up and has no intention of parting with the pillows and comforter. Sure sign am excited with the game.

8:00AM Taking a bath. Still thinking a Durant-Rose Finals is better than all this talk about the potential first championship ring for LeBrick. Bron. LeBron.

8:40AM Putting on lipstick. Then spritzing some Harajuku Love.

8:45AM Getting out of the house. Thinks the game is starting but our basketball fanatic (videoke-loving) neighbor still has not turned on the television.

8:50AM Riding jeep shuttle.

8:55AM Taxi! The driver is so calm. I feel so safe. He is just breezing from one shortcut to another. Bad thing though he is listening to THAT radio station.

9:25AM Office building! Driver is so nice. Gave him quite a tip.

9:28AM Damn elevator.

9:30AM Office! Remote please. Opened all our sets.

9:32 AM “Kris Denies Romance with Chiz.” — ANC. Oh. Hell. No.

9:35AM Asked our Rhiza for some pan de sal and hotdog breakfast. Famish.

9:39AM Chris Bosh for a double. He looks more and more like a Velociraptor. 17-18 Heat.

9:40AM Jason Terry another triple! 20-18 Mavs. But Miller (not Reggie) connected from the distance. Three. 21-20 Heat. Back-and-forth game.

9:42AM Barrea so fast! Velociraptor got blocked.

9:43AM Filipino panelists discussing David Hasselhoff. Uhmmm.

9:48AM Barrea. “Mavs lead with 2. Biggest lead.” — TJ Manotoc

9:56AM Chalmers corner three. 30-26 Heat.

9:57AM Gordon Gekko. No. Pat Riley!He looks like him. Review old Knicks game. He STILL looks like Gekko. I remember our for editor who is a huge Pat fan. R.I.P. Sir Ahmed. Sleek back hair and all.

9:58AM Nowitzki missing his shots. Offensive rebound. Shawn Marion got fouled, shooting freebies. 30-29 Heat. In other station: Senate probe on poaching of black corals.

9:59AM Wade for three! Nowitzki drives, fakes, shoots and make it. 33-31 Mavs.

10:03AM Andal Ampatuan, Sr. pleads NOT GUILTY.

10:04AM The German hits his first triple. Mavs regain lead. Then a fading jumper.

10:05AM Kidd gets the ball and am like, “Pass the ball! Do not shoot.” Marion for a slam. See? Pass the ball.

10:07AM Chalmers three again. Good game for Chalmers. Kidd passes to Chandler for a dunk and a foul. See? Pass the ball.

10:08AM Velociraptor fakes and gets fouled. Makes freebies. Terry misses. Offensive rebound. Back to Terry for three. Chalmers responded with his own. 44-43 Mavs.

10:10AM Checking game-related Twitter Trend: Dirk Noringski and SMH Miami.

10:11AM End of first half. 44-43 Dallas Mavericks.

KEY STAT: Three-point shooting. Offensive rebounding.


10:20AM One pan de sal. Bite-size hotdogs.

10:27AM Checking some logos of the Finals. Found a poster of The Big Three emblazoned with a Mavs logo with this, “Yes. We. Did. Get beat by the Dallas Mavericks.” *grinning* Cuban! I need some pomp and circumstance when the games shift to Dallas.


10:31AM Second half starts.

10:33AM 51-43 Mavs. Biggest lead. Spoelstra calls for time.

10:35AM Reading “Kris Says No to Relationship with Chiz Escudero?” Blogger is OBVIOUSLY NOT A KRIS FAN. “Bibe J” and “Juice”. Go. Click the link.

10:37AM Wade back-to-back drive. Had James not entered the picture, I should be cheering for Heat because of Wade.

10:38AM “Kidd is the oldest point guard in the Finals.” — Gonzales. I have a rookie card of Kidd. Goodness.

10:39AM Nice passing. Nowitzki to Marion. Quick basket.

10:40AM Women rocks. Live-blogging. Reviewing social media accounts. Checking four e-mail accounts. Eating breakfast. Suffering from dysmenorrhea. Women rocks.

10:41AM LeBron scores. 53-51 Mavs.

10:42AM Marion misses a dunk but gets a rebound and forces third foul of Velociraptor. Makes freebies. 55-51 Mavs.

10:44AM Wade scores again. He is hot. Velociraptor blocks Marion. Swats ball outside. Mavs regain possession. Marion with a jumper. Silences Velocirpator.

10:45AM Barea misses a drive. I feel the pain. No one should hurt Barea.

10:47AM I thought Kidd will shoot. He passed. Pass the ball.

10:49AM Peja releases an unguarded triple and there is a trail of collective groaning from the Heat crowd. He misses. Received applause. You have to love basketball!

10:53AM Tied ball game!

10:54AM LeBron turns the ball over leading to a fastbreak. Oldest point guard leading the break.

10:55AM “There’s nothing like a great big three to energize the crowd.” — Gonzales. Bron makes it and gives lead to Heat.

10:56AM Karl Malone Sketchers Shape-up commercials. You got no ring and is endorsing Sketchers?!

10:57AM Juwan Howard enters the game. SEVENTEEN-YEAR VETERAN?! I have his rookie card. Kind of a basketball card hustler back in grade school. Ask the former classmates.

10:59AM Tough buzzer-beating three from Bron. I am so objective. 65-61 Heat. Mavs call for time.

11:02AM Gloria Estefan! Still gorgeous.

11:05AM Miller for three. 68-63 Heat.

11:07AM Velociraptor got blocked.

11:08AM Nowitzki uses left for a basket. 68-66 Mavs.

11:09AM Velcoripator turns the ball. Bosh fans will kill me. But he does looks like one. There is a Facebook page called “Chris Bosh is a Velociraptor.” Then “Chris Bosh is a Scrubby Velociraptor-Turtle Hybrid.”

11:14AM Stevenson corner three. 72-69 Heat.

11:16AM Haslem scores. 74-69 Heat. If Heat wins, Haslem and Miller should take the credit.

11:20AM “Kanina nang time-out, ang tinutugtog dito sa Triple A – American Airlines Arena – Takin’ Care of Business…” — Gonzales. A song from a child sex-soliciting has-been.

11:21AM Mavs usual game is missing. 75-69 Heat.

11:24AM Andal Ampatuan, Sr. pleads NOT GUILTY. Senate threatens to arrest black coral consignee. Department of Transportation and Communication Chief Ping De Jesus resigns. Congress tackling Divorce Bill. BUSY DAY. Best thing: Gabriela Representative Luz Ilagan Twitter replied me! I am a fan.

11:27AM Ooops. One of the nuns in our school just posted a pro-life video. Reason I cannot put that purple Twibbon on.

11:28AM Wade scores! 77-70 Heat.

11:30AM “Erik Dampier. Nakakalimutan nilang nasa Heat.” — Webb.

Dear Mr. Webb: I also have a rookie card of Dampier. Stop making me feel old. I also have a rookie card of A.C. Green. There. I confess.

11:31AM Block from Wade. Then makes a three. Aaargh. I hate Bron. I cannot support the Chicago-native because of YOU.

11:33AM So a local station is now showing blockbuster movies from Thailand? I like it. Glad Thailand’s film industry is rolling because it was once declared dead before. I still have hope for our movies.

11:35AM Bron completes a three-point play. Nowitzki answers back. 85-77 Heat.

11:36AM Twilight Zone as game enters the last minutes.

11:37AM Nowitzki gets fouled. In other news: German Moreno slams death reports.” WALANG PATAYAN!

11:40AM Right. Mike Bibby. I used to love him when he was in Sacramento. Him going up against O’ Neal’s Lakers is classic. The man is full of heart but his teammates are coasters. Kings fans are hard-core. I used to summer vacation there. Almost met the Michael Jordan in the airport. But I did chance upon Kemp in Seattle airport.

11:41AM Gah! Kidd shoots and bricks it. Pass the ball!

11:42AM Velociraptor gives Heat biggest lead with ten. Heat crowd throwing white towels.

11:43AM Nowitzki misses. Chandler misses put-back. Wade-James connection for a highlight.

11:44AM Tim Cone is right. Heat has to take the Nowitzki and Barrea out of the game.

11:45AM “Rebounds. 46 for Miami. 35 for Dallas.” — Gonzales. There goes the game.

11:48AM Doris Burke looks like a cougar librarian.



KEY STAT: Three point shooting and offensive rebounding.


Movie Review: You Again

Snobbish critics and the tolerant movie audience has a special relationship that saves films from total disaster because either one can serve as spare lifesaver. Some films end up as Roger-Ebert-lifted-both-thumbs-I-am-still-hyperventilating-because-I-am-that-excellent of a film and some are look-at-the-lines-I-am-packing-more-people-than-stress-eaters-can-pack-carbs blockbuster hits. The rest are so terrible both critics and the public had a magicmal moment of total agreement. You Again belongs to the second group. A movie that had featherbrained mortals like us laughing and enlightened critics puking their brains out. Based on Rotten Tomatoes, top critics gave it a harsh 15% rating but site users rewarded this frenemies film with a respectable 58% score. I watched it last night after office hours. Did a little shopping and got a bit tired. Mindless popcorn flick is one of the best antidotes against stress. Not art films. Not documentaries. Popcorn movies of the mindless chick flick kind.

There is another reason I waited for this one – alien assassin Sigourney Weaver and scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis. Profound respect for these women. Imagine two genre icons in one feature. These fantabulous actresses have one thing and common, aside from still rockin’ bodies, and that is a wicked sense of humor. A trait not lost with the other icon in the movie, the unstoppable Betty White. So how does this Geek goddess Kristen Bell-headlined movie fare? It is bad. But the kind of bad that I will watch when I feel tired. The kind of bad that made me laugh. The kind of bad that had most members of Rotten Tomatoes giving it an approval.

Marni Olivia Olsen (Bell) is the ultimate high school loser and perennial target of resident queen bee Joanna (Odette Yustman). Life turned for the better when she graduated. She became a hotshot public relations person that just received promotion in their Big Apple office. Things are going great until Joanna returned as an eternal nightmare – this time as the future bride of her dear old brother (James Wolk). Her mother Gail (Curtis) reminded Marni to take in stride since people change and even mean girls deserve a second chance. A life lesson Gail has to learn once more after meeting Joanna’s Aunt Mona (Weaver), an old trouble from the past.

Bell or Veronica Mars – still her best role – absolved her acting self after the disastrous When in Rome. Just a clarification, You Again is not redemption, but her performance is. Our girl can do better than this mess. Raising a nonexistent wine glass, here is to better projects for Kristin

SNL hosting stints. Snickers ad. Several magazine covers. If you are a terrible baker, sprinkle some essence of Betty and it will transform into the scrumptious pastries. There is no need to discuss the wonderful Miss White who turned the heat up a notch in Cleveland not even Lebron James can manage.

Though this movie is more of an embarrassment for Curtis and Weaver, I look at this as some sort of quick break from their superb record. Like an hour in the spa. Like additional fun benefits for veteran performers. So nice to see fit and fabulous un-Botoxed ladies in on-screen. Their combined age of 113 does not deter men from developing milf-ing tendencies. (You gotta hear the hoots and considerable oohs and aahs from the audience last night.) Natural. Real. I do hope Heidi Montag and their ilk should watch these fantastic dames strut their stuff. I am fortunate to see them age with absolute grace. Great role models.

Cameo appearances of The Rock as a sensitive air marshal and craziness personified Cloris Leachman add up to the chaotic merriment. Plus Hall and Oates.  Chick flick freak?  Just needs a de-stressor? Tired after some serious office work? You Again is the right prescription. Screw the critics.



Ice Cream: Baby Ruth

“Did you know that Baby Ruth is named after the Bambino? He was so popular that a candy company named one of their products after him.” Unfortunately, the information of my sports freak of a father is incorrect. I read a book that debunked urban legends including this one. Baby Ruth got its name from the daughter of US President Grover Cleveland. Accusations existed that its makers Curtiss Candy Company decided to name it as such so that they do not have to pay the baseball superstar royalties. True or not, both the Sultan of Swats and the chocolate bar are icons.

Baby Ruth is made of chocolate-covered peanuts, caramel and nougat. Next to Snickers, this is one of my favorite chocolate bars. I was doing my grocery last night when I passed by the ice cream aisle and saw the Nestle Chocolate Collection. Baby Ruth. Crunch. Kitkat. In. All. Its. Ice Cream. Goodness. I have not had a decent ice cream since it has been some time since I bought pints of Ben and Jerry’s so I think I deserve a frozen delight break. No thinking twice, a pint of Baby Ruth found its place in the cart.

I feasted on it while watching a replay of the Spurs-Cleveland Finals where Tim Duncan swept Lebron “The Biggest Superstar Sidekick” James in his first stint experience. An ice cream that can distract me from watching Manu Ginobili slice through interior defenses must be good. “Goodness! Cold-blooded three-point shot. How did Man…mmm. Bits of chocolates. Nuts! Damn this nougat. Yes! Yes! Caramel. Baby Ruth pieces. Could have been more sinful if it were chunks. Chunks of chocolates. Heaps of chocolates. This is just so goo…Duncan got the rebound. Missed the shot but James turns the ball over. What a choker! He is no Michael Jorda…aaah. Chocolate and caramel combination is just so good. Pieces of chocolate bars keep rolling. This is life. This is life.”


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